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en ik ben aanwezig met TECS en aan het werk met kinderen aan een nieuw kunstwerk tijdens het Havenfestival/ presail op 15, 16 en 18 augustus.



Tweede havenstraat in IJmuiden. De entree is gratis, dus kom vooral langs!

Blue and white are the colours that catch the eye when seeing the photo’s by Brettney Vlieland. A world of water and ice. Underwater but also between the icerocks. She lives in Ijmuiden near the Northsea and the beach, that is ‘why’ you will say.

After graduating from the Photo Academy in Amsterdam in 2012, four of her work was published in New Photography 2013. The magazine GUP published the 100 best Dutch Photography Talent of 2013 in this book.

A swimming penguin, a jellyfish, a primal fish and a seahorse all in a imaginary world of water and cosmos, are the ones published. Brettney has not made it easy for herself to create her work. There is something special going on.

The images are made from paper and rummaged goods from the beach and then she photographed it. The names of her series are: Paper planet and

With the emptiness in her staged images of fascinating places on earth, the underwater world and the polar landscapes, Brettney knows how to stimulate the imagination. She wants us, so it seems, to get us thinking about our position on this planet. But mostly she creates a world of unspoiled nature and circumstances to show us in the beauty of our planet.

And the colors are really popping off the photos, which are barely good to make in reproduction. So, come see them and bring them into your home or to your work.

Hartenstraat 15

1016 BZ, Amsterdam

Phone: +31(0)20-6881783



Maandag t/m zaterdag 10.00 - 17.00 uur

Zondag open van 12.00 - 17.00 uur


Tekst Stefan Ruiters, JOOT Books & Photos, Amsterdam


Torenstraat 7,
1981 BC Velsen-zuid
T: 06 - 53379872


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