Brettney Vlieland

What do young emerging photographers and photo-loving Amsterdam anno 2013 have in common? They are both hardly able to make ends meet. Sunday, November 24st Foam Lab presented BARTER - Trade your skills for a photo print, an innovative auction where your talent is worth more than a well-filled purse.


Natural  talents or skills developed over the years: abilities can range from hair cutting to tattooing, giving a living room concert or build a website. BARTER created a win-win situation in which the bidder and the photographer both gave what they do best.


So the photographer's finest print was traded for the custom made bed, he so desperately needed. Foam Lab has made the match!


In two hours time, one could admire the sixteen limited prints and at the same time explore the needs of the artists.


Instead of an all inclusive holiday for two, Brettney has chosen a video for promotional purposes. It will be released on this website soon!





BARTER - Trade your skills for a photo print.



Event location

TT Neveritaweg 59,
1033 WB Amsterdam

The Netherlands

+31 20 2900020


When: Sunday novembre 24st 2013

Program: 15:00 - 20:00 hour

Auction: 17:00 - 19:00 hour

Admission: free

Onder constructie!


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Sanquin Bloedvoorziening

Zaanse Chocoladefabriek

Westzijde 172B

1506 EK Zaandam

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en ik ben aanwezig met TECS en aan het werk met kinderen aan een nieuw kunstwerk tijdens het Havenfestival/ presail op 15, 16 en 18 augustus.



Tweede havenstraat in IJmuiden. De entree is gratis, dus kom vooral langs!

Torenstraat 7,
1981 BC Velsen-zuid
T: 06 - 53379872


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